5 Rules What Products to Sell Online

5 Rules to Decide What Products to Sell Online

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If talking about selling products online both in your country and abroad, no one avoid the problem of loss sale or nonprofit sale. One of the main reasons is from wrong selection of products. So, อเมซอนกูรู.com has summarized the principle of product selection to sell online, especially selling online to foreign countries.


Keep in mind that you have to pay the upfront costs to ship the product to you or the manufacturing cost. So, you need to find the low cost products in order to make more profit. Low cost but high quality is the best choice you should consider.


You may not know your part of profit actually comes from the fact that you’ve well organized with shipping cost. Selecting lightweight items is one important point that you should not overlook. Especially when you ship internationally, weight will be the significant factor to get maximum profit.


You cannot avoid a return from buyer if any problem with the shipment. The products may not functionally work for some reasons, especially electronic items or high-tech products. So, you need to choose the right products which the quality won’t come back to bite you later.


Forget what you want to sell, but you have to find out what most people want.  You have to create products and find out what can help other people to solve their problems.  Nowadays, there are so many online channels to check what other people needs.


If you are going to build a long term and sustainable business, you have to search for low competitive niche products and avoid selling other brand products to make more

If you always use these 5 rules in the process of product selection, you will definitely never lose the profit anymore.

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